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What is Athlinics?

Our newly imagined sports clinic focuses on inspiring the next generation of youth athletes with coaching and mentorship from college athletes. The recent changes in NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) allow collegiate athletes the opportunity to benefit from their community, exemplified with Athlinics, providing athletic training and guidance.


Our clinic model is a unique experience that promotes both athletic development and education for the youth athlete. We aim to improve a young athlete's skills and fundamentals while educating on what it means to be a student athlete, the recruitment journey for success, and how to pursue the next step in the athletic journey. 

At Athlinics, we facilitate comprehensible discussions and inspire young athletes with athletic training from the top talent in each community. 


Youth Athletes

Access to elite fundamentals and skills training

The ability to connect with a role model, a mentor, someone to aspire to

Information and education on the collegiate athlete experience and the building blocks to achieve future endeavors

An inclusive experience that promotes local community and unity


College Athletes

In the true spirit of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness), providing compensation for student athletes to utlilize their talents that don't restrict the collegiate athlete experience

Paid opportunities to assist an involved student-athlete lifestyle

An opportunity to shape the youth athletes of the region and give back to the community in a healthy, positive, and productive fashion



Facilities camaraderie in the sports community from youth athletics to collegiate athletics

Promotes growth in the athletic journey and a positive impact on the local region's youth community

Inspires young athletes to achieve The Next Step presenting a successful product in the college athlete


“My son and his friends loved the clinic and we absolutely will be attending the next one... We've shared with our teammates and their parents how much he enjoyed the clinic and everything he got out of it. I'm sure many if not all of them will want to attend the next one.”

-Jennifer W.

(UCLA Clinic)

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