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Why Athlinics?

Our newly imagined sports clinic focuses on inspiring the next generation of youth athletes with coaching and mentorship from college athletes. The recent changes in NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) allow collegiate athletes the opportunity to benefit from their community, exemplified with Athlinics, providing athletic training and guidance.

Our clinic model is a unique experience that promotes both athletic development and education for the youth athlete. We aim to improve a young athlete's skills and fundamentals while educating on what it means to be a student athlete, the recruitment journey for success, and how to pursue the next step in the athletic journey. ​

At Athlinics, we facilitate comprehensible discussions and inspire young athletes with athletic training from the top talent in each community.

Where do you Host clinics?

We host clinics nationwide with a variety of athletes from top universities. These are one-day clinics in each community that are recurring annually.


How do you Select your athletes?

We screen players who are not only established in their respective sport, but strong coaches that are passionate about mentoring and inspiring young athletes.

Soccer Game in Rain
  • What is Athlinics?
    We're more than a sports clinic — we're a nationwide bridge connecting youth athletes (as players) to college athletes (as coaches). At Athlinics, our mission is threefold: Improve, Develop, Educate. Our focus is on honing skills, fostering personal growth, and imparting valuable insights about the next step in the athletic journey.
  • What is the normal structure of a clinic?
    Our clinic model is well tested with continuous proven success. We run a rotational program where participants are divided into appropriate groups dependent on age and skill level. Each group will have the opportunity to work with each collegiate athlete/coach. With every rotation, a coach focuses on improving a specific skillset (ball handling, dribbling, finishing/shooting, defensive work, etc.). For the remainder of our clinic, we run a small session of scrimmages followed by our educational portion that includes group conversations with Q&A.
  • Are youth participants organized by age and skill level?
    Yes! We take into account each participant’s age and skill level to form smaller groups that are appropriate for each individual.
  • How many collegiate athletes/coaches are at the clinic?
    There is a minimum of 3 collegiate athletes/coaches. To ensure a strong coach to participant ratio, there can be up to 5 athletes (dependent on the number of participants).
  • What is the ratio of coach to participant?
    In order to maintain a meaningful experience, we target a strong coach to participant ratio of 1 to 9 (our maximum ratio is 1 to 16).
  • Are all skill levels welcome?
    Absolutely, all skills levels are welcome.
  • Is there a maximum number of participants?
    Yes, we frequently sell out our clinics in order to keep a strong coach to participant ratio.
  • Are parents welcome to watch the clinic or can they drop off and pick up?
    Either! Parents are welcome to watch the clinic or drop off and pick up.
  • Are there any requirements before the clinic?
    The only requirement is that a parent/guardian signs the liability waiver, as indicated in the sign up flow.
  • Can I follow you on social media (to view highlights from previous clinics)?
    Yes! Follow us @athlinicsofficial on Instagram to view highlights from our previous clinics.
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